High Powered Water Jetting in Wichita and Central Kansas

Reddi Environmental offers industrial water jetting services in Wichita, Kansas and the Midwest. Our water jetting (aka hydro jetting) system cleans blocked drains, tanks, sewer lines and pipes quickly and safely using 1,500 to 20,000 psi of water pressure. Water jetting services remove built-up grease, sludge, and debris from your tank, pipe and stormwater systems, restoring peak performance.

What is Water Jetting (aka Hydro Jetting)?

Water jetting uses precisely targeted, highly-pressurized water streams directed through flexible hoses to clean pipes, tanks, drains and other internal surfaces. The water stream is extremely powerful and concentrated, which thoroughly cleans, in ways not possible with traditional plumbing or off-the-shelf chemicals.

Traditional drain and pipe cleaning equipment, such as cable machines, are designed to remove or break through a pipe blockage. It will get the drain cleared, but the root of the problem may be debris that is stuck to the walls of your pipes. If that’s the case, your drain will get clogged again.

Water jetting is a more comprehensive solution, with long-term benefits. Not only does it unclog the pipe, but it removes stuck-on sediment and restores your pipes as if they were new.

Common Applications

  • Clear Clogged Pipes
  • Pipe and Tank Debris removal
  • Industrial Line Cleaning
  • Municipal Water & Sewer Cleaning
  • Residential & Commercial Clogs

  • Pipe and Tank Cleaning
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Stormwater System Cleaning
  • Shop Cleaning
  • Septic Line Cleaning
Hydro Jetting a Pipe

Benefits of Water Jetting

Extremely Effective

Chemicals and traditional plumbing methods are effective, but they often leave behind residue and debris that results in future clogs and problems. Water jetting does a better job of clearing debris and leaving a clean surface to prevent future issues.

Fast and Clean Process

Water jettings is a fast process that leaves behind very little mess, with little to no disruption to day-to-day operations. This non-invasive method does not require trench digging, and typically no digging at all (depending on access points).

Environmentally Friendly

Because no chemicals are typically used, there’s less risk to the environment both during the process, and after (due to run-off).

Cost Effective

Because jetting is so efficient and clean, it requires fewer man-hours and less equipment to complete jobs, this means lower cost. Many industrial, municipal and commercial customer also save money because of the long-term benefits of jetting. I.e. performance, efficiency and down-time.

Regular Maintenance Jetting

Regular pipe and drain cleanings help reduce the risk of a clog or breakdown, and improve the productivity of your business. We offer planned maintenance and emergency water jetting services. Need an estimate for your project? Call us today:

Kansas Water Jetting Services

Our Kansas water jetting services are available by appointment. We offer emergency service and scheduled maintenance. Jetting is available for industrial and commercial water jetting services in Wichita, Kansas, Northern Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado and Western Missouri.