We provide professional mud trap cleaning in Kansas. Our high capacity pumping trucks can quickly remove sediment, sand, and debris from your collector system, ensuring proper operation.

Sometimes call “Sand Traps”, or “Grit Traps”, Mud traps require regular cleanings to prevent backups into local water/sewer system where clogs and damage can occur. This is an important environmental protection, which may have specific removal and disposal requirements. Each municipality determines this depending on the type of facility and the contents of the waste material.

Commercial car washes, service shops and industrial facilities typically have mud traps that require regular pumping and disposal. If your facility needs cleaned, or if you’d like to learn about our maintenance programs, give us a call for a free estimate.

Mud Trap Services

  • Scheduled, one-time and emergency mud trap pumping
  • Mud trap installation and repair
  • High capacity pumping trucks
  • Water jetting and waste cleaning services
  • Compliant waste disposal and treatment
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