Reddi Environmental can provide a comprehensive inspection of your industrial facility’s stormwater and wastewater treatment and discharge systems. We’ll ensure compliance with the City of Wichita’s stormwater management codes that prevent pollutants from entering the municipal water supply, as well as regulations set by the State of Kansas and the Environmental Protection Agency. . 

If needed, we can also help develop a customized stormwater management and wastewater disposal program for your company. We also provide the following industrial cleaning services to minimize the amount of pollutants being discharged:

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Mud Traps Cleaning
  • Manufacturing Processes Clean Up
  • Clearing Refinery Product Lines
  • Clearing Power Plant Fly Ash Lines
  • Coal and Grain Dust Vacuuming
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Coal and Chemical Spill Clean-up
  • Separator, Pipe Line, Sump Cleaning
  • Solid, Semi-Solid and Liquid Waste Removal
Wastewater Grate